Jazz in France - Facts and Sources

Jazz in France
Facts and Sources

Site consacré à des recherches spécifiques liées au jazz en France.

Toutes informations, remarques et commentaires concernants les recherches effectuées ou en cours sont les bienvenues.

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Site devoted to specific research related to jazz in France. All information, remarks and comments concerning the research already done or in progress are welcome.

Also: “Lush Life: A Musical Chronology of Joseph Armand Castro” (from 1927 to 1966) joecastrojazz.com

Daniel Richard


Thelonious Monk in Paris

Thanks to Jean-Claude Beneteau, Marie Carette, Nicole Colomb, Moira Fitzgerald-Michel, Pierre Fargeton, André Francis, Patricia Frechon, Anne Legrand, Jean-Louis Lemarchand, Stéphane Lerouge, Dany Michel, Alain Tercinet, Jaqueline et René Urtreger, Jazzinstitut Darmstadt
Very special thanks to Daniel Baumgarten, Dominique Cravic, Martin Davies, Marcel Fleiss, François Lê Xuân, Fred Thomas

In memoriam of
Henri Renaud, Marcel Romano, Jacques Sautès, Alain Tercinet

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